Deep Grief to Deep Vision Coaching

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About Me

About Me

I help people whose joy, life, and career are paralyzed under the weight of cumulative grief. Through my private virtual coaching sessions, my clients can share their grief and eventually move toward setting a clear vision to build the life they deserve. As a woman of deep faith, I also offer experience in behavioral health. Allow me to stand beside you and help you find a deep and compelling vision for a future that is full of hope, optimism, and purpose. 



What led me to a career that helps others transition from a life of indifference, stagnation, and depression to a life they deserve after loss and grief? My choice to become a certified grief educator stems from my own painful experience with attempting to manage my daily life as a wife and mother who was quietly sailing adrift and barely able to hold it together.

One evening, my son came home from the library with the book, “What’s Wrong With Our Mom?”  Looking at the book’s cover, I saw myself in that picture. Here I was, even after decades, an immigrant who still felt like a misfit everywhere. I was dealing with my tamped-down loss of identity and family that could no longer be ignored. 

I let out a sardonic laugh at the impossible pain and emptiness I felt at that moment. 

Here was my son at the tender age of 8 years old, knowing something was terribly wrong and trying to fix a pain he could barely understand. My hurt was hurting him.

I was refusing to deal with the unresolved grief following the death of my father after much suffering. I did not have the tools to process any of this.  I was in debilitating agony from growing uterine fibroids for years, undecided, caught between the pain I was used to and the fear of losing parts of me that made me womanMy well-capped grief was coming out sideways. My relationships were hemorrhaging,  and I was angry with everything all the time. It was exhausting keeping up the calm, resilient persona.  I asked myself, “How did I get here?”

That was the moment when I knew things had to change.  I was in indescribable pain, both physically and emotionally, and I could see how my downward spiral was affecting my son.  I was facing significant health struggles. I knew then that I needed to make a choice to deal with the bottled-up grief head-on or continue to lose precious moments of my life that I would never get back. I could no longer ignore the vacuum that was swallowing both of us.

I finally found healing through a grief educator course with renowned grief expert David Kessler and 1:1 reinvention coaching, first introduced to me by author and Master Coach Nancy Levin. I became a certified coach, and now my life’s mission is to help others rebuild life after loss.  

I faced the pain and uncovered the beliefs that held me back from success, giving me the confidence to find my way back to my true, imperfect self. I am here as your coach through life’s transitions to help you find yourself in the rubble and grief so we can rewrite your roadmap and find a new vision for your life.