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Self-Worth Coaching

Self-Worth Coaching

We only accept what we believe we are worthy of in life which could, in turn, prevent us from unlocking our full potential to achieve success in both our personal and professional lives. Self-worth coaching is a transformative 10-week program that is the follow-up to the Reinvention Coaching package. It delves deeper into the beliefs, internal systems, and commitments that hinder our self-worth and financial prosperity.

Break Free

It is time to break free from your self-imposed limitations and embrace a brighter future. By participating in this coaching, you will empower yourself to attract greater personal and financial success and fulfillment by:

  • Admitting and acknowledging who is in control of your life.
  • Exploring what is the cost and payoff of relinquishing full control.
  • Uncovering how you arrived in a place that stifles your self worth.
  • Uncovering what you desire most as your “net worth” in all areas of your life. 

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Prioritize improving your relationship with money and assume control over your finances.
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation.
  • Confidently charge what you are worth for the value and services you provide, without any guilt.
  • Challenge and overcome the excuses that are keeping you trapped in debt.

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