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Boundaries Coaching

Available August 2024

Boundaries Coaching

Boundaries Coaching is a 10-week package I have tailored to help you achieve physical, mental, and emotional freedom and connection. Our weekly 60-75 minute sessions will focus on recommitting to being truthful with both yourself and others, establishing long overdue boundaries for healthier relationships and self-care, confronting and tackling the tendency to prioritize others’ approval over your own needs (people pleasing), and pursuing and establishing your genuine desires in all areas of your life.

Benefits and Outcomes

Boundaries coaching will help you set and maintain healthy boundaries in your personal and professional relationships by:

  • Examining and evaluating your attitudes towards boundary setting.
  • Being aware of the consequences that come with either having or not having boundaries in your life.
  • Demonstrating love for yourself and others by establishing clear boundaries.
  • Casting off the persona of a doormat or pushover.
  • Reclaiming responsibility for what truly matters in your life.