Deep Grief to Deep Vision Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

The client comes to the coach with a desire they would like to achieve. Coaching is the professional relationship between a trained coach and client in which the coach guides the client to accomplish a clear, measurable goal. This goal is time-specific and achievable.  The coach then guides the client to explore the life story to separate the fact from the fiction, discover the micro actions that they need to take to get to the desired goal.  In grief and reinvention coaching this involves exploring emotional issues and doing deep inner work.  The coach uses reflections and exploratory questions to help the client decide which choices and actions serve or sabotage their vision for their life.  Outcome is dependent on the client taking the agreed micro steps towards the change they say they desire.  I initially came to coaching to explore the unconscious beliefs that were preventing me from seeking help for my grief. Coaching also helped me to get rid of my people-pleasing and over helping.

No. Coaching can help you to unearth that vision. If you have never been able to imagine life on your own terms, it will take time to discover what you need and your potential to achieve the life you long to have.

In coaching, your coach is your accountability partner for the specific goal you say you desire to achieve. It focuses on moving you from the life you have now to the life you want to have. There is no fixing or advising in coaching. You are the expert of your truth and you are able to make the changes. If you have a history of trauma, you are ready for coaching to plan your next life chapter AFTER your past trauma is resolved.

In therapy, your clinician is guiding you to cope with or fix a presenting problem or symptoms secondary to a past event in your life that has disrupted your function. The clinician may give you advice and recommendations to achieve relief and direction. For example, you may experience disordered mood and flashbacks that are not caused by just your bereavement over the death of a loved one or your loss. Your clinician or medical provider is a good resource to diagnose and treat trauma and symptoms so that you can function again.  Your coach may refer you to see a therapist if any unresolved trauma is uncovered that might impact your function and well-being.

Although I am a licensed clinical social worker, in this space I am your coach, not your therapist. Ethically, I cannot play both roles for you. If any emergency situations arise in the coaching session or if I assess that you could benefit from another behavioral health collateral, I will discuss that referral.

This is a part of the first discussion we can have in your free discovery call.

Check with your insurance carrier.  Coaching does not involve diagnosing and treating any mental health condition.

Sessions are offered virtually only.  This would benefit a client who may have challenges getting to a physical location or just prefer the safety and comfort of their own home. Clients are expected to have a consistently private space where they are not disturbed during the coaching call and have secure internet access. It is best if you are out of earshot of anyone and you can be fully present on camera for the duration of the coaching call.


You are purchasing a package of structured sessions. You are making dedicated time for yourself. Structure is necessary to create momentum and shifts towards lasting change. The number of sessions depends on which package you choose. The grief model Reaching for Hope comprises 6 weeks of consecutive sessions with one 60-75 minutes coaching call each week. After this package is complete, you can customize 3 follow up sessions based on your pace and interest in repeating any of the areas.

Your Discovery call is free 40-60 minutes and is not included in the package.

Reinvention Coaching comprises 8 consecutive sessions, with one 60-75 minutes coaching call a week. Your Discovery call is free 40-60 minutes and not included in the package.

 Reinvention Coaching is a prerequisite to Boundaries and Worthy Coaching packages.