Deep Grief to Deep Vision Coaching

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State of the Union

If you are managing your grief feelings like Scrat from the movie Ice Age manages his acorns, I invite you to take an honest assessment here.

Here are 6 ideas I am encouraging you to consider:

  1. Think Scrat from Ice Age managing his acorns. You get the picture. If that gave you a chuckle, we can now solemnly agree that your feelings of grief are precious. You loved deeply, and you lost deeply. You need suitable space and care to remain healthy instead of constantly running and plugging holes. Scrat is always in flight mode. The truth is that suppressed grief may come out sideways.
  2. Check for external feedback. Ask the people in the crossfire. Is your grief festering and hurting the way you love your family? Are they giving you feedback that this changes you into a hard-to-love version of yourself? This might range from “I am fine, I don’t need help!” stonewalling, combustion, or prescribing how others should manage their grief. Is anyone tiptoeing around you?
  3. Check for internal feedback. Is your heart telling you your storage is full and it is time to get expert help?
  4. What grief legacy did you inherit? If the truth is that you need more knowledge like so many of us do, then accept that. Acceptance is half the battle. You are still whole. Family and friends who have gone through grief are not necessarily equipped to handle the magnitude of your grief. Find a certified grief educator to help. In the meantime, use safety precautions, and don’t love your family the way you love yourself. They might not survive it.
  5. Name one thing that you could do just for you to help ease your tension and anxiety today. Nothing is too small. Now, decide when you will do this one small thing. Hold yourself accountable.
  6. Imagine what life would feel like when these small things add up. Book a discovery call.

What will they need to see to know that you have changed? How will you need to feel to know that you are well?

Sometimes, acknowledging the truth out loud to yourself and others can lead to a first breakthrough. Below, share how you have been managing and the change you dream of.  

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