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Mimosa Pudica Part One

Understanding WHO you are and HOW you are:

When I was a young girl in Jamaica, I used to spend many hours outdoors as my parents were farmers. I came across a plant that I deeply resonate with up to now. The mimosa pudica. Nature…deeply introverted and protective. I knew from a young age that I rejuvenate best in silence especially after a loss. I would like to share my experience with those introverts walking through the long winter season of grief and loss of any kind.

Are you someone who is most at peace and feels safest in small groups or preferably alone with their own thoughts and imaginations? When you feel tired, does the image of a forest of trees between you and the nearest person bring you peace and joy? This is important to embrace as part of your selfcare while you grieve.

You may experience many changes during the grieving process. The one thing that should not change is WHO you are.

Expect that others may not understand your reactions: After a loss, your loved ones may want to be all in the house together, all the time. This connection is vital and healing. As you are accepting that this may also be draining to you, you may be seeking healthy outlets for balance. You may even feel selfish and guilty in your retreat if you are new to self-care. Remind yourself that you cannot pour from an empty cup or a cracked one for that matter. Remember the mimosa pudica: sensitive, unrushed, gentle, beautiful, and inviting when nourished. 

What is one mini self-nourishing practice that you can do at the beginning or end of your day? Will you commit to it? Will you schedule it?

Listening to the audio Bible reading and taking long walks worked for me. The Psalms gave me language for the hurt that I could not express to others.

Being an introvert in times of grief comes with its unique challenges, but it also holds the potential for deep healing and personal growth when we find our balance. By understanding and honoring our needs for solitude, emotional boundaries, and creative expression, we can find comfort even amidst the storm of grief. Through faith and self-reflection, introverts can navigate their grief journey with a sense of purpose and direction, knowing that God walks beside them every step of the way. May your introverted spirit find the peace and healing it seeks, for the journey towards light and life. Grief is a mirror that uncovers the depth of our resilience and faith in turbulence.

I hope you are curious about the magnificent mimosa pudica plant. Its delicate leaves, which fold in response to touch, hold a powerful lesson for us on resilience and self-protection. Perhaps as you gaze upon its intricate foliage, you can reflect on the beauty of God’s creation and the profound ways in which even the smallest things can teach us valuable lessons about adapting to life’s challenges. Take a moment to marvel at the mimosa pudica’s ability to protect itself and consider how you too can cultivate resilience and gentle strength in the face of adversity. Just as this plant responds to external touch with grace and self-care, may you also learn to embrace your vulnerabilities with compassion and fortitude, knowing that even in moments of folding inward, there is beauty and growth waiting to unfurl in your life.

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If you are not familiar with this plant, please check out a video of the mimosa pudica here:

Note: The information provided here is not a substitute for individualized professional advice. If you are struggling with intense or prolonged feelings or difficult emotions during grief, it is recommended to seek support from a licensed mental health professional in your area.

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Photo by jules a. on Unsplash