Deep Grief to Deep Vision Coaching

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Rays of Hope: Seeking Nourishment and Healing in Times of Loss

One truth binds us all together—the experience of loss. We all lose someone or something at least once in our lifetime. It is a universal journey that touches each one of us. The pain and weight of constant losses can indeed feel like an unending erosion, battering away at our hope and leaving us constantly […]

Grieving? Your Negative Feelings Are Normal and Natural

Dear fellow life traveler, The journey of coping with grief is a unique one as you face the reality of loss. You have been through so much. Your heavy heart may have led you here. I am sorry that you are hurting. For today, you may need another person to validate that your pain could […]

Mimosa Pudica Part Two

  Nurturing the Spirit: Understanding the Needs of Introverts in Grief   How did you do with finding a self-nourishing practice in Mimosa Pudica Part One?   Grief is a deeply personal journey that affects us all in unique ways. For introverts, who find solace in solitude and introspection, navigating the tumultuous terrain of grief […]

Mimosa Pudica Part One

Understanding WHO you are and HOW you are: When I was a young girl in Jamaica, I used to spend many hours outdoors as my parents were farmers. I came across a plant that I deeply resonate with up to now. The mimosa pudica. Nature…deeply introverted and protective. I knew from a young age that […]